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uench in our hearts, O Lord, all fires of selfishness,


nfold to us the joys of true friendship,


pen our minds to a better understanding of service,


each us the real meaning of sharing,


nd help us to hold high those principles of Quota for which we stand.

QUOTA South Pacific Area Scholarship Application

Apply between 1st October and 30th December each year.
(Applications will not be received after 30th December)

Below are links to information that you require for your scholarship application. You can choose to download the information and forms in either Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF formats. Both versions contain the same information.

QUOTA SPAS Scholarship Information

Applicants must be nationals of and work in Australia, New Zealand, Fiji or Norfolk Island.

The QUOTA SPA Scholarship is valued at $7,000. The Sheila Drummond Bursary is to the value of $4,000.00. The scholarships are available for observation and discussion of methods, short-term study, or work experience in these areas or other parts of the world.

Applicants may have academic or non-academic qualifications. Professional and voluntary workers are eligible for selection. You must also be 25 years and older.

Please download the Information Form outlining the Applicant's requirements.

QUOTA SPAS Scholarship Application Form

Please use the following form to apply for the SPA scholarship.
You are also required to supply;
three (3) references
- current medical certificate
- a portrait photo
- a copy of current passport details
All details of which can be found in the Application Form.

The selection committee would appreciate all applications to be returned electronically. Please use the MS Word Application document for this purpose.

Regular mail applications are also accepted. Please see the Contact Page for complete email and physical address details.

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